‘Whilst domestically The P.A. People’s rental team are reasonably well known for our audio systems, what may be less well known is our role in providing production communications and audio systems on a rental basis to the world’s largest events’ said Chris Dodds, Managing Director.

The P.A. People cut their teeth in specialty audio rentals.  In 1985 they revolutionized sound reinforcement for Orchestras and Opera in outdoor spaces in Australia, successfully designing sound systems to critical acclaim for crowds of tens of thousands of people in Sydney’s Domain, for the Sydney Festival and Carols in the Domain. In 1992 they re-imagined a Concert Sound system that for many years was the first choice of Artists such as Gloria Estefan, James Taylor, and Diana Ross.

Through that time The P.A. People also provided significant audio systems and communications support for three Papal Visits in 1986, 1995 and 2008, as well as a number of international events.

After a hiatus from the audio rental scene, in 2018 they pursued an opportunity to return to the large-scale audio rental market when they purchased a significant inventory of Bose Professional ShowMatch array loudspeakers and Linea Research amplification, which complemented their expanded inventory of Community and JBL loudspeakers.

Clear-com- Rivage

The P.A. People have also extended their association with Yamaha Professional Audio consoles, and have recently ordered a number of new DM7s to expand their fleet of Rivage PM5’s, QL1’s and QL5’s.

On the communications side, The P.A. People provide wired production intercom, two-way radios, wireless full duplex comms, CCTV and stage surveillance systems, theatrical cue lights, video and audio transport systems, to support the production of major sporting and cultural events both domestically and around the world.

So, what is Event Communications?  According to The P.A. People, it is the provision of Communications Systems in the broadest possible sense;

  • We facilitate communications between a community-based Sporting Event organizer and their participants no matter how far they are spread out.
  • We facilitate communications between producers in multiple countries for a multi-venue annual general meeting.
  • We facilitate communications within the production team, ensuring every one gets their cue when and where they need it.
  • We facilitate the audience being part of the experience for major Sporting Events, Teams and Codes.

Chris Dodds continues; ‘by its very nature, the provision of Comms Systems is being executed at its very best when no one even acknowledges that we exist.  When the comms system has been designed effectively and is working optimally it should be transparent.  People should be able to do their job without impediment.  But when it is not done correctly, everyone is quick to complain’ he said.

To achieve these outcomes, the Company is able to offer either an entire Clear-Com based solution for literally hundreds of users, or additional equipment to augment an existing full duplex FreeSpeak II system, provide integrated HelixNet partyline packs, or an Arcadia or HX matrix-based solution.

The P.A. People is a respected provider of choice for Event Communications equipment and systems – and a proud home to the latest Yamaha Consoles; Bose Professional, Community and JBL sound systems; and one of the World’s largest Clear-Com rental inventories.

Contact: eventcomms@papeople.com.au