The P.A. People Event Communications Team… then and now – how we do Event Comms!

‘Whilst domestically The P.A. People’s rental team are reasonably well known for our audio systems, what may be less well known is our role in providing production communications and audio systems on a rental basis to the world’s largest events’ said Chris Dodds, Managing Director. The P.A. People cut their teeth in specialty audio rentals. 

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TheatreQuip counterweight system for The Play House, Geelong Arts Centre

Manager of Venue Engineering at The P.A. People, Peter Grisard said; ‘this is a significant installation. There are some real advantages of a front-loading counterweight system, both from a functional perspective i.e. weights are loaded from the front, and not from the side - as many others are, and from a safety perspective i.e. the

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The P.A. People discuss Venue Engineering …safety, experience, equipment & capacity

The P.A. People’s venue engineering team has over 200 years of combined experience across engineered design, integration, installation and service. With standards-compliant tools and products, the company can provide solutions appropriate to venue type, a range of operational demands and end user groups. Peter Grisard, Manager – Venue Engineering for The P.A. People says: “In

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Australian Event Awards 2023 – The P.A. People congratulate Winners!

The P.A. People have been a proud supporter of the Australian Event Awards since their inception 15 years ago. It was a pleasure to witness significant industry awards and accolades to several of our valued clients for projects in which The P.A. People were actively involved in delivering. In particular our Event Communications team are

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The P.A. People exhibits at ENTECH Roadshow 2023!

The P.A. People will feature a number of newly released products at Entech 2023 Movecat i-Motion BGV-C1 control system and hoists. The P.A. People will be demonstrating the Movecat i-Motion variable speed BGV-C1 control system at Entech.  Known for its best in breed range of lightweight D8+ hoists, Movecat also supplies BVG-C1 fixed speed and

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Venue Engineering – complex tasks on track!

Peter Grisard, Manager, Venue Engineering writes: ‘It’s been a very busy time at The P.A. People - so busy that the last time I looked up it was February and now Christmas is looming! So many staging projects completed in a short time frame, including the design and installation of two complete counterweight systems, one

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Installed Systems – a new solution for historic Bowral Memorial Hall!

Council's Manager, Project Delivery Ned Tripkovic says, "Community groups will enjoy a greatly enhanced rehearsal and performance space. The modifications we've made are designed to broaden the venue's use and appeal for touring ensemble and music festivals, inviting a wide range of cultural experiences for our Shire. The Bowral Memorial Hall Refurbishment project was funded

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Australian Event Awards National Nominee 2023

The P.A. People achieves - Australian Event Awards National Nominee 2023 for ‘Production Company of the Year’! The P.A. People are Australia's leading supplier of Event Communications and Audio Systems for sport and public events. For this year’s Event Awards, we are celebrating our long-term relationships with some of Australia’s leading sporting franchises and major

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Vivid 2023!

The P.A. People have again supported this iconic event with an extensive comms package as well as PA systems at various installations around the CBD. From intercoms & networking, cctv, sound pressure level monitoring, to two-way radios for production and security staff, The P.A. People has designed and delivered a comprehensive suite of services to

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