The unique architecture of St Michael’s Church in Baulkham Hills resulted in a challenging project for the Installs team. The Church is constructed in an octagonal layout with a pitched roof that meets in the centre. The existing system didn’t work effectively due to poorly placed speakers causing unusual reflections and unclear audio.

The solution included removing all existing speakers and installing a pair of left and right JBL CBT70J speakers. These provided a traditional point source speaker system with reasonably tight pattern control to give more definition to the preacher.

We also introduced a Yamaha MTX3 DSP (digital signal processor) that we were able to couple with new amplifiers. This allowed us to zone specific areas of the church including outside horns, cry room, foyer, sacristy and the main hall.

We had to integrate one of their existing mixers which they utilised as the band feed into the main speakers. Adding the MTX3 allowed for wireless iPad control of the system.

We reconnected all existing field mic points so they could use all mics (including wireless) as before.

Given the renewed clarity of the space, they have been able to reorganise certain elements such as the choir position to further improve the audio experience for parishioners.