Some of the Church’s architecturally sensitive aspects made this project an interesting task. The following testimonial was received recently after The P.A. People were called on to refresh the Audio Visual systems at St Joseph’s Maronite Catholic Church in Croydon (NSW):

“The P.A. People were contracted to replace the existing sound system with a more modern and digital system that would cater for all our existing and future needs. The criterion included a flexible system that would adapt to different scenarios with our church services – including a basic system for daily services – as well as the much larger services that occur on a Saturday evening and multiple services on a Sunday. The P.A. People applied a one-touch panel to select the different scenarios, choosing the appropriate speaker system to cater to the size of the service. Our church has multiple services with different requirements, which pose a challenge to anyone trying to provide a system that is flexible enough to adapt to the variety of service necessities. These include the church needs as well as the halls for parishioners that need to attend the separate hall configurations for overflow reasons, particularly during COVID-related challenges. 

The P.A. people installed a system that has surpassed our expectations and the follow-on support has been exemplary during the bedding in period. All issues were rectified in an orderly and expedient manner which has given us the confidence that we had made the best choice for our parish by employing their services and skill base. They remained professional throughout the process. The aesthetics compliments their professionalism and has left a positive lasting impression with the staff and parishioners alike. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them on behalf of the St Joseph’s Maronite Catholic Church in Croydon for a job well done!”
Eddie Reaiche – IT Consultant

Equipment list:

3 x Audio Technica PRO45 hanging mics
2 x Australian Monitor ES2120P Power Amplifier
1 x BOSE DM6SE-W Design Max Speaker
4 x BOSE MA12EXB Speakers
2 x Crestron MPC3-302-W Control System
2 x Crown CDI4/600 Power Amplifier
1 x Crown XLS1002 Power Amplifier
1 x Phillips 10BDL4151T LED Display
1 x QSC Core 110f Q-Sys DSP core
3 x Rode M1-S Microphones
1 x Rode M5-MP Microphone
1 x Shure BLX188CVL-M17 Dual Lapel Wireless Mic System
2 x Shure BLX24RS58-M17 Handheld Wireless Mic System
1 x Shure BLX2S58-M17 Handheld Wireless Mic
2 x Shure MX412S/C Gooseneck Mics
1 x Shure SM58 Mic
1 x Yamaha MTX3 Matrix Processor
1 x Yamaha TF-RACK Digital Mixer