“Our congregation is delighted with the outcome. As Parish Priest, I appreciate the professionalism demonstrated during every phase of the works.” Monsignor Greg Flynn, Parish Priest

As with many venues during the various stages of COVID-19, congregations and activities at churches have faced restrictions. This has led some to consider their level of technical support and to upgrade accordingly.

Project Manager for The P.A. People, Ross Ford, led the upgrade task for this parish church in South Strathfield, NSW; “we had worked on a previous project with the priest of this Church, which was a successful outcome” he said. At St Anne’s Catholic Church, the upgrade task has replaced a very dated Bogen mixer amp with new-generation components. Utilising a Yamaha TF-Rack digital mixer with JBL CBT70J-1 speakers, The P.A. People added 2 x QE75T 75” Samsung displays for the Congregation, a QM32R 32” Samsung display as a confidence-monitor for the pulpit and rostrum area – as well as computer inputs for multi-location access, hearing loops and radio mics.

St Anne's Catholic Church AV Install

The system has a pre-set mode that allows a (‘set-and-forget’) simplified operation which works well in this venue. Ross Ford said; “the Parish Priest can literally walk into the church, turn the system on, and it works.” System operation is assisted with two computer input locations – where the back of the room has a default function, allowing the front-of-room input to over-ride this, if activated.

“The new system had its first test at 2021 Easter services, and it worked well. The P.A. People worked beside the client throughout the process, with good communication and feedback, leading to a fit-for-purpose outcome” said Ross.

Monsignor Greg Flynn, the Parish Priest at St Anne’s described the process around the task, including the church’s associated refurbishments:

St Anne’s financial council recommended that our church needed some refurbishing, particularly new carpet and, because of the pandemic and ensuing restrictions, the addition of TV screens. The government donated some funds because of COVID lockdown. Our parish sought expressions of interest and The P.A. People sent a representative to inspect the church and scope the job. They responded with a quote for the installation of screens with an additional quote for the upgrade of our audio system and an offer for the installation of an audio hearing loop. Our financial council accepted the full quotation.

The P.A. People recommended some minor works to allow for the best placement of three screens, including two large screens on either side of the church and a monitor for the celebrant. We agreed to move two statues and relocate the necessary pews; we also chose a carpet and installed a new podium. All this required coordination to ensure a smooth progression. The P.A. People appointed a project manager who monitored the progress every step of the way. The new cabling took two days and the installing and testing of new speakers and screens took another day. A half day was required to install and test the hearing loop during the laying of the new carpet.

“The P.A. People were extremely helpful, understanding and cooperative throughout the entire project. Our congregation is delighted with the outcome. As Parish Priest, I appreciate the professionalism demonstrated during every phase of the works” said Monsignor Greg Flynn, Parish Priest