Article by Nathan Barrios – Featured in NECA News

Constant Voltage or 100v line audio systems are an ideal setup for retail, commercial and large-scale distributed audio systems due to the cable distances allowed and simplicity of design and installation. As mentioned in the previous article they are ideal for systems that require more than 2 or 4 speakers.

To provide your customer with a long-lasting, functionally stable and quality solution, there are some key practices you should employ. We will start with the information you need to gather from your client with regard to system functionality.

    • If there are multiple ‘areas’ or rooms, does the client need a different audio source to be produced in any or all of the areas? Typical examples may be CD player audio to the foyer and amenities, and a local wireless microphone in the function room.
    • What physical area does the client need to cover with audio? Retail stores may require basic BGM (background music) capabilities for all areas of the store, whilst a school may need external speakers to cover a playground for bells.
  • What sound pressure level does the customer require (how loud do they need it?). A medical centre may only need a system capable of BGM level reproduction, whilst an office space may need a system capable of loud and clear paging or evacuation tones
  • Does the user want ‘local’ or ‘in-room’ selection of the audio source, or output gain level in a given space? A club function room may want a local volume controller on the wall to adjust the volume of the local speakers, whilst a school room won’t need or want to adjust the level of the school bell system.

In the next issue we will discuss the correct speaker selection and quantity to provide your customer with their desired functionality.
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