The P.A. People has completed two major contracts for the Hansard Division of the Victorian Parliament.

In mid 2000, The P.A. People won a contract to supply and install a new digital PC based voice recording solution for Hansard. The system provides segmented four track recording of both chambers of Parliament and two track recording of all committee rooms, along with additional continuous tracks for future use.

The MURF system was developed in Canada by VoiceIQ and is exclusively represented in Australia by The P.A. People. The P.A. People provided all hardware and software for the server based system along with installation and support.

In 2001, The P.A. People returned to Victoria to upgrade the sound reinforcement systems in the Parliament’s Upper Chamber.

Recently The P.A. People has designed and installed a comprehensive front screen projection system featuring twin NEC front screen data projectors, a JVC visualiser and input switching facilities for up to 12 laptop computers.