The P.A. People recently completed works for a dedicated performance space at Emmanuel School in Randwick – for their newly constructed Theatre facility. The scope included Audio, Lighting, Theatre paging and Vision fit-out elements….


The steep-raked theatre seating provided an initial audio-design challenge to achieve the required coverage, particularly in the front seated section.

Josh Jones, Project Manager for the P.A. People commented; “the School requested that the operational aspects of  the theatre user groups be met with relative ease.” Internal school use and a range of external hirers dictated that any system installed had to be easy to operate; this would encourage a wider range of user/operators and provide more scope in featured productions within the venue.

The audio equipment solution included; speaker system – L+R+Sub – JBL CBT-70J L&R + ASB-6112 sub, a Soundcraft Expression mixer & new console, new microphones – Shure QLX-D (digital) and Listen hearing augmentation.

For live production/direction, the theatre communications system specified a Clear-Com master unit, belt-packs + headsets.

With such diverse audiences and high-usage, the Venue has eight separate paging zones each with ‘local’ volume control. A paging mic in the BIO box allows for specific messages to be relayed to those areas, thus enabling ‘normal’ theatre operations capability.


“The high levels of light available in a theatre can, in some circumstances, restrict projection capability of certain equipment.  However, the Epson EBX9900 projector selected and the Screen Technics 225” 16:10 (motorized) screen on stage, provides a high brightness capability for large screen format in this context”.Josh Jones – Project Manager The P.A. People


Emanuel AV Fit outInputs include a Blu-ray player which can patch in laptops via digital connectors – anywhere in the theatre. A Samsung camera feeds an image of the stage/theatre space; a signal is fed to 5 different locations through the theatre (for TV’s and projectors). The purpose is to provide visual feedback for production to back of house and front of house. The Control System chosen is AMX for audio, vision and paging bells. A one-touch panel in the BIO box and a smaller push-button panel at side stage to patch in a laptop and use a microphone, allows Staff to effectively lead class sessions in the Venue.


Audio, microphone, video tie-lines, Ethernet and talk-back are located around the theatre then back to patch panels in the BIO box. Josh jones commented “A key outcome is a fully-patchable venue – equipped and available for multiple-users”.

Lighting (LED – based component only)

LSC deck, Redback switching unit, lighting bars wired for lighting with multiple outlets per circuit. “The LED system enables significantly less power consumption, ease of installation and less cabling. The result is both cost and space saving for the school” said Josh.