The Event Communications team at The P.A. People have recently upgraded their significant inventory of Shure Radio Mics and In-Ear Monitors.

The P.A. People has been a long term user of Shure’s high-end Radio Mic products, having invested in the original UHF U series prior to the Olympics in 2000.  “Clearly a lot of things have changed in Radio Mics and IEM’s over the past 15 years, and with the advent of the Digital Dividend it was time to update”, said Tim Jenkins, Technical Account Manager with the Event Communications Team at The P.A. People.

Alongside further investment in their UHF R Series radio mic products, The P.A. People now has available eight channels of the latest PSM 1000 IEM transmitters and over 32 PSM 1000 packs in their inventory. “This investment in a top-tier IEM product complements the significant inventory we have in our own ‘Level 2’ IEM product.  It means we can provide quality in-ear monitor systems for head line talent as well as hundreds of packs for mass cast at an event…all within the appropriate bands”, Tim continued.

The recent acquisition was complemented by new antenna distribution and splitting systems from Shure and specialist vendor RF Venue.   Following our installation of the new Shure Axient and PSM1000 systems in the Sydney Opera House earlier this year, The P.A. People is proud to have become resellers of the fantastic range of products from specialist supplier RF Venue.  “We really like the Diversity Fin, CP Beam, and RF Spotlight antennas from RF Venue.  The P.A. People is known for our expertise in RF systems engineering, and it is great to find a company who obviously share that commitment in the design of their products” commented Chris Dodds, MD of The P.A. People.  “Each of the products in the range provides quality, cost effective solutions to creating high performance RF systems for radio mics and In-Ear Monitors. “