Stage, Managed…City Recital Hall upgrades with The P.A. People!

Sydney’s beloved City Recital Hall at Angel Place hosts a rich program of concerts and events, covering a broad range of genres from the contemporary to the classical. For 20 years, it has been a beacon to music lovers, nestled in the famous laneway precinct of the CBD. As the venue enters its third decade of operation, time and heavy usage meant that the original stage management system, the essential control centre of every performance, was past its serviceable life and needed to be replaced. The P.A. People proposed a new system based around Crestron control, an ETC CueSystem, QSC Q-SYS audio processing, and Clear-Com FreeSpeak ll comms. Their bid was successful, and a team headed by Project Manager Ross Ford rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

NYE AV Solution

Event Comms

Our Events Department welcomed in the new year working on our 9th New Years’ Eve. It was a somewhat different feel for the beginning of 2021 without crowds around the foreshore to watch the fireworks. Australia Day celebrations kept the Department busy along with an ever-shifting A-League schedule, which sees the Bose PA ‘carts’ deployed at Jubilee Oval again this year. Throughout the COVID period, we have made good use of our time upskilling our staff by conducting further training in networking and IP technologies. Great to see our staff out and about in Sydney over the last few weeks putting their skills into practice.

Virtual Events AV Solutions

Remote Production for Virtual Events …delivering virtual events, simply & efficiently

We’ve all become accustomed to a world where meetings are held in Zoom, Teams, or Webex. Nightly news bulletins and current affairs shows are populated with pixelated and grainy content that only a year ago no self-respecting TV network would choose to broadcast. For over twenty years, The P.A. People have based our event communications delivery on network-based solutions. Now, more than ever, the experience and expertise we have developed allows us to deliver systems, support and services to remote production for virtual events, simply and efficiently.
The following four case studies demonstrate the range of tools we’ve developed that allow our customers to create, produce, and host virtual events with great production values and visually interesting content; for those events ‘when you need something more than Zoom.’

AO Digital Sign AV Solution

AO ‘device’ – now in its 5th year!

Originally designed and supplied by The P.A. People for Tennis Australia for the 2017 tournament, the AO Digital logo (device) has been one of the most featured & photographed items of the Event – including (reportedly) the second most Instagram’d image after Roger Federer (on its first appearance at 2017)! AO.

St Josephs Church AV Solution

St Joseph’s Maronite Catholic Church

Some of the Church’s architecturally sensitive aspects made this project an interesting task. The following testimonial was received recently after
The P.A. People were called on to refresh the Audio Visual systems at St Joseph’s Maronite Catholic Church in Croydon (NSW):
“The P.A. People were contracted to replace the existing sound system with a more modern and digital system that would cater for all our existing and future needs. The criterion included a flexible system that would adapt to different scenarios with our church services – including a basic system for daily services – as well as the much larger services that occur on a Saturday evening and multiple services on a Sunday. The P.A. People applied a one-touch panel to select the different scenarios, choosing the appropriate speaker system to cater to the size of the service. Our church has multiple services with different requirements, which pose a challenge to anyone trying to provide a system that is flexible enough to adapt to the variety of service necessities. These include the church needs as well as the halls for parishioners that need to attend the separate hall configurations for overflow reasons, particularly during COVID-related challenges.”
Eddie Reaiche – IT Consultant


It’s time to power up your AV equipment and test it!

Greater Sydney has experienced several significant storms in the past few months.  Lightning and water leaks can play havoc with your gear, so now is a great time to turn everything on and check functionality.  Turn your AV racks on, and check that the LEDs on each piece of equipment light up.  Turn on your microphones and music sources and listen for buzzes and crackles from your speakers.  Check your TV monitors and your data projectors power up and produce good quality images.  Wake up your digital bells systems and check that audio is reaching each zone.

If something isn’t working the way it should (or if it isn’t working at all), reach out to our service team via phone (8755 8744) or email