… Bankstown Sports Club serves up another attraction!

The Basement Brewhouse inside Bankstown Sports Club is now open! Featuring its own microbrewery serving a pilsner, sparkling ale, pale ale and American-style pale ale, 30 taps with a variety of craft beer and cider, and a tap wine selection for those looking for something a little sweeter, as well as a delicious burger menu and a gourmet delicatessen.

“The brief given to The P.A. People in the lead-up to the Brewhouse project, was to provide us with a high quality distributed sound system, high definition vision and a simple, yet intuitive control system. They have exceeded expectations in their delivery, with some very positive feedback from early on” Jason Klippel, Audio Visual Team Leader

The Brewhouse was an engaging challenge from the outset, working within the confines of a fully operational club, ever conscious of noise and an existing structure. “We were in constant contact with the Club’s AV Team to give final approvals on all site locations as we would not get a second go at getting it right” observes Ross Ford, Project Manager for The P.A. People.

The TVs around the outer walls of the venue were an initial challenge. Curtains ran behind each one and the desired outcome was not to see fix-points etc. The P.A. People designed a single-point swivel bracket that the curtain could be fitted around – with the TV sitting just in front – hiding all fixings and cables.

BSC Brewhouse AV

The TV screens inside the barrels were an even bigger issue. The original design required single-sided units, mounted to a round pole which the joiner was supplying. During the process, the club decided to enhance these specs, which required mounting them on both sides of a square pole fixture. Our team then came up with the mounting idea complete with tinted acrylic trim to hide all the cables and connections; a very neat result and presentation.

“We were on site most days to ensure that we were not ‘built-out’ of any areas; thankfully we were mostly in front of where we needed to be and completed the install task days before the official opening” said Ross Ford.

“In the process of this install, we upgraded the entire site-wide MATV system from analogue to digital. The Brewhouse was running Digital for Melbourne Cup Day!” adds Brett Steele, Manager – Installed Systems.

A great result – complimenting a new high-quality venue at the club.

Equipment list:

  • 12 x 32″ TV’s Booths
  • 5 x 55″ TV’s
  • 1 x 98″ TV
  • All controlled by AMX
  • 28 x Bose FS40 surface mount speakers and 3 x Freespace subs in the main areas
  • 2 x private Lounges with 4 x Bose FS40 Flush mount speakers and a Freespace Sub in each
  • Univox hearing loops in the main bar areas
  • Shure ULXD radio  mics
  • Surface Touch Panel Control