… from Monster Trucks to The Beautiful Game!

The P.A People is internationally recognised for expertise in communications and public address for sporting events; this has made 2014 a busy year for the company, providing services to events as diverse as Le Tour de France and Sydney’s iconic City2Surf run. Now gearing up for the 2015 cricket and tennis seasons, The P.A. People are ready for an Australian summer full of big hits, long rallies and hours at the crease, making sure sports fans at the ground enjoy every moment of the game.

September and October 2014 saw the PA People providing a cleverly engineered communications and PA system solution for the totally over-the-top Monster Jam monster truck competition, touring Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Auckland. Part stunt driving competition, part family spectacle, Monster Jam delighted fans with pyrotechnics, seemingly impossible tricks and the thunder of high-octane engineering.

Touring with Monster Jam was a P.A. People communications and audio control system designed to offer simple set-up and hassle-free operation at each show. “We had a fully-integrated audio and communications system that was the same in every venue, giving the client a predictable outcome,” said Travis Henry, Event Communications Manager – The P.A. People. “The only thing that changed was the  house PA system, which, as it needed to be customised for each venue, was provided locally in each city. It gave the client more flexibility and meant they were able to tour a small amount of gear.”

This pragmatic approach has stemmed from The P.A People’s long experience working on sporting events that range in scope from state football leagues to Olympic Games. “What we did for Monster Jam was not dissimilar to what we did over winter for the football,” Travis continued. “We provide on-stage presentation systems that are fed into the stadium systems. In addition, we supply all of the equipment needed for entertainment, ground announcers and communications. All of the client’s needs are handled by our staff on the day of the game.”

In an increasingly hostile environment for anyone operating radio microphones and wireless in-ear-monitors, The P.A. People fill a vital role in setting up and operating reliable wireless equipment, which they have been called on to do for events as large as the NRL and AFL Grand Finals. As the January 1 2015 Digital Dividend frequency restack approaches, RF Management is more important than ever. “There’s a lot of crowding in the RF spectrum already,” explained Travis. “The pre-January 1 test sites for the new telco services that operate in our old wireless bands are already operational. The necessity for monitoring and picking clear frequencies is imperative.”

Sydney’s annual City2Surf race in August saw 70,000 participants run the 14 kilometres from the CBD to Bondi. The P.A. People were on hand, providing a PA system that covered the vast areas of both the start and finish lines, and the competing requirements of entertainment, motivation, logistics and health and safety. Over a Dante networked audio backbone, what was effectively eight separate PA systems worked together flawlessly. “We were running different announcements, motivational messages, directions and entertainment depending on the zone,” illustrated Travis. “And we had to cover half the city with a PA at 6 AM and not wake the neighbours!”

2015 will see The P.A. People starting January by providing communications and PA systems for the Asian Cup 2015, a huge international soccer tournament involving 16 countries, with games played in Sydney, Canberra and Newcastle. Five P.A. People staff will work on each match, with the competition running from 7 to 31 January. Services and equipment provided will include wired and wireless communications, microphones for performers and announcers, monitoring and fold-back for performers, audio control and additional PA for each game as required.

While the battle rages on the soccer pitch, The P.A. People will also be looking after the Apia International Tennis at the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre, running January 11 to 17. They’ll be providing PAs for all courts without a permanent system, the player autograph stands and for the big screens outside. In addition, they’ll also be providing audio control equipment for areas with an existing PA, and paging systems for back-of-house.

It wouldn’t be an Australian summer without cricket, and The P.A. People will be there too. All matches played at ANZ Stadium and the Sydney Cricket Ground will be in their capable hands, with P.A. People staff handling all anthems, presentations, announcements and entertainment.

Keeping pace with the true tradition of the Australian sporting Summer, The P.A. People draw on 40 years’ of service and live event expertise to ensure the on-field action is well-covered!