The P.A. People continue to deliver the event control and data communication solution that is integral to success of Sydney’s New Years Eve celebrations. Our solution allows the Creative team to confidently deliver their vision and continue Sydney’s reputation as the New Years Eve capital of the world.

 “Having successfully delivered the third year of our contract with the City of Sydney, we are busily planning for 2015’s spectacular. 2015 is going to be another step up in spectacle and audience engagement and the P.A. People will be right there. We are privileged to work on this event with such professional event creative and delivery team “Travis Henry, Event Communications Manager

The P.A. People provides a number of crucial elements for the event including wired communications, full duplex wireless communications, program audio distribution between sites, time code distribution, lighting data transmission as well as integration of the two way radio system. All of these elements are crucially integrated using a network centric approach that has been developed over a number of years of providing communications solutions to large- scale international ceremonies.