The audio system at St Mary & St Merkorious Coptic Orthodox Church was in poor condition due to environmental elements such as dust clogging up the components. The current system was also not secure with controls readily accessible within the church.

In response, The P.A. People Installed systems team replaced the mixers with a Yamaha MTX-5 DSP (digital signal processor) to allow them to control AV securely with the addition of a button panel.

We relocated the head-end and provided a custom built rack to minimise impact of incense fumes & dust. The existing speakers were reused with the new amplifiers supplied.

Sennheiser EM-100 series radio microphones were supplied and all existing microphone inputs were rewired into the system. The MTX5, coupled with a WAP (wireless access point), allowed for an iPad control interface. The operational feed also covered the back of house areas such as the kitchen and library.