Service & Maintenance
… planes, ferries, schools & sport!

Angie Doyle, head of the Service Division at The P.A. People says, “as we emerge from COVID lockdowns and disruption, our routine maintenance program has been in full swing assisting sporting venues and stadiums to prepare for their events”.

With the return of the school year and COVID still a concern in learning environments, The P.A. people has quoted and installed a significant number of PA systems for outdoor use; currently a preferred location for schools to hold their assemblies where student distancing is easier.

With travel increasing in various modes of transport, the need for routine maintenance continues once again. Sydney Airport is a key location, where The P.A. People has ongoing work for the facility and various tenants. Sydney Ferries is another client; “We frequently maintain and repair relevant systems on some of the Sydney Harbour ferries; being in a damp, corrosive environment, their systems require our attention from time-to-time” said Angie.

The Team’s forward schedule is indeed busy!