… increased coverage, superior sound

The P.A. People was recently involved in the AV upgrade of Ryde Uniting Church. There was a need for a better system that was easier to use and provided increased coverage and superior sound quality.

The solution included a system which featured different modes, such as ‘simple’ and ‘event’. The simple mode could be utilised by a single push button operation for mid-week meetings or other small gatherings. The event mode which required operation by multiple people is utilised for services requiring the full system. This may include regular worship services, large meetings, weddings and funerals.

The audio/video upgrade involved concealing existing cables under the floor, removing three old speakers and replacing with new ones to improve the venue presentation. Old speakers were taken out of the main church area and recycled into smaller halls, to increase coverage and deliver a cost-effective solution. The basis of the system included JBL CBT 70s, Yamaha DSP and NEC projection.