…“Now event executives on the move can have access to their intercom system from the device in their pocket…!” says The P.A. People

The P.A. People (Sydney Australia) are pleased to announce the upgrade of their entire Clear-Com Eclipse Matrix rental fleet to Clear-Com’s latest software release, Eclipse HX V8.5.   Along with the addition of over fifty V-Series Rotary panels in a mix of 12 key and 24 key variants, the Company can now also offer its customers the use of the new Clear-Com Agent-IC app, which for the first time can provide direct remote access to a matrix system from any iPhone, iTouch or iPad over a wireless network connection (3G, 4G, WiFi/IP network).

Clear-Com is the only Intercom solution that can provide Lever, Push Button or Rotary versions of its V-Series Matrix Key Stations.  “The V-Series range provides great flexibility in tailoring the user interface to the needs of a particular user – typically lever stations for more technical staff who can get the most out of the interface, and rotary’s for those who want simple ‘press and speak’ functionality – it really is the best of both worlds” commented Scott Davidson, while working with the new equipment on the Ceremonies for the 1st European Games in Baku.

The P.A. People have over thirty Eclipse HX Matrices in their rental fleet ranging from the compact and self-contained Eclipse HX-PiCo through to the fully featured Eclipse HX-Omega frame.  All of these systems have been hardware and software upgraded to the latest firmware release in order to offer customers the additional features available in HX V8.5 including up to three separate audio paths to every IP Key station, and full integration with the Companies new FreeSpeak II full duplex wireless systems and the new iOS Agent- IC application.

“We foresee significant demand for the iOS app in the Corporate space as well as for larger events. Now event executives on the move can have access to their intercom system from the device in their pocket, or simply maintain contact when they are on a break.  It will mean a whole new level of connectivity and use of the ‘comms system.”Travis Henry, Manager Event Communications for The P.A. People.