The multi-purpose hall at Roseville College, situated on Sydney’s leafy North Shore, has recently had its room orientation changed through ninety degrees. The old stage area now houses new classrooms and the new stage is now at the end of the room.

The P.A. People was called in to renew the sound system and consequently the speakers and amplifiers were changed. The P.A. People Installed Systems Manager Brett Steele opted to install the new JBL CBT Series passive line array columns. The JBL CBT Series line array columns with Constant Beamwidth Technology breaks new ground in performance, versatility, and affordability.

Designed for venues that would typically use larger point-and-shoot speakers, the CBT models incorporate technical advancements that allow them to vastly out perform competitive systems, with a level of user-friendliness that virtually eliminates the challenges of delivering great sound.

”The client wanted an unobtrusive system and so we used two of the J-shaped JBL CBT70J and two of the JBL CBT70JE extension cabinets at the front of the stage with a couple of JBL CBT50’s used for delay two-thirds of the way down the hall,” remarked Brett. “The biggest advantage with the JBL CBT’s is their controllable beam; it’s a gym with lots of glass and hard floors but with the JBL CBT’s we could minimize the spill off the back wall and direct the sound where we needed it to go. The width of the box also allowed us to cover a side seating area with a minimum of fuss. With the JBL CBT’s we could keep up the intelligibility which is important as they’re mainly used as a vocal PA for assemblies.”

Despite the advanced features and performance built into the CBT Series, they are extremely easy to use, encompassing a new level of user-friendliness that makes them very straightforward to design into everyday projects. Crown XTI1000 and XTI2000 amplifiers drive the system.

Roseville College’s Director of Technical Services, John Barnes is delighted with the new system stating the JBL CBT speakers have been performing very well.

”They are particularly suited for the type of hall we have which is multi-purpose and not easy for audio,” he said. “However the JBL CBT speakers have been just right for it. We were tossing up between this system and one with a subwoofer but this system, which doesn’t have a huge bottom end, works best with the highly reflective surfaces in the hall.”John Barnes – Director of Technical Services, Roseville College