The Queensland State Velodrome is currently nearing completion and will host the Track Cycling competition for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. The P.A. People was asked by WATPAC Construction to supply the front of house, back of house and fire paging audio systems for the facility. As well as housing the cycling track the building also houses mixed use sports courts, a public gym, private gym, function room and various facilities for the contestants and event officials. There is also office space for the centre.

The Velodrome is located alongside the Brisbane Super X BMX Track at Sleeman Sports Complex and will host a variety of events with its mixed-use sports courts and main track cycling facility.

In order to deliver the audio requirements, The P.A. People Installed Systems team used a Biamp Vocia audio system for control and utilised a mix of JBL, Bose and Australian Monitor speakers throughout the venue.

The system is implemented as a life safety system including interface to the fire indicator panel, end of line monitoring of all speakers and as part of that requirement the system is kept running using a pair of Socomec UPS units in the event of a power failure.

The bowl speakers include 12 JBL CBT70’s and 4 JBL CBT50’s to cover the fixed seating with 8 JBL CBT 100’s used to nocover the in-field. The BOH speaker listing includes a mix of more than two hundred Bose and Australian Monitor speakers around the site.

The equipment utilised included:

• Control System – Biamp Vocia
• Control – Soundcraft SIE-1, Shure QLXD
• Ground announcer Mic – Rode PROCASTER
• Bowl speakers – JBL CBT70, JBL CBT50
• In-Field Speakers – JBL CBT100
• Back of House speakers – BOSE: DS16, DS16SE, DS40F, DS40SE, AM QF8 and AM QF6
• Hearing Augmentation system for Bowl – Listen Technologies