Installed audio visual and staging systems for theatres & performing arts centres

We experience high-quality, high-energy, multi-media environments every day. As venues compete for patrons, they constantly seek to meet a high level of audience expectation.

The P.A. People has designed and installed a wide range of technical equipment systems in facilities as diverse as the Sydney Opera House, the regional arts theatre and the local high school.

People attending Theatres and Performing Arts Centres demand the same level of interaction and the same level of quality in the technology incorporated into these venues as they do at home and elsewhere. These facilities place special demands on the installed audio, lighting, audio visual and staging systems and equipment, pushing them to their limits day after day.

The P.A. People partners with specialist stage machinery manufacturers/suppliers and stage drapery providers to complement audio, stage lighting, video and audio production and post-production, audio visual, stage manager and performance relay systems. These systems are supplied and installed in a variety of venues around the country.

Digital signage and IPTV systems play a very important part in the overall guest experience and The P.A. People has extensive experience with multi-channel/multi-display networked systems.

The P.A. People offers a highly-skilled and responsive repair and maintenance service to help keep the equipment and systems in peak condition. Preventative, scheduled maintenance programs provide a venue with the best insurance against system failure and equipment down-time.

Capability and services:

  • Staging/rigging/drapes (in partnerships with others)
  • Audio/lighting/AV systems – including recording capacity
  • Video and audio production/post-production facilities
  • Stage management system
  • Performance relay – video and audio for distribution to foyers, dressing and green rooms etc.
  • Paging/BGM & Life-safety systems – multi-zone
  • Hearing augmentation systems
  • Multi-channel venue IPTV
  • Venue-wide cabling infrastructure  (including broadcast facilities)
  • Service and ongoing preventative maintenance – incl. ‘rental’ to replace equipment out for service
  • Rental for event based requirements

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