The P.A. People has serviced and maintained the sound reinforcement systems for the NSW Legislature since 1983. Over the years we have seen the systems evolve from simple and crude mixers and basic paging amplifiers, to state of the art solutions based on the most modern of technology.

The P.A. People has also contributed to the provision of broadcast sound reinforcement and vision. This has seen the installation of new systems for the Legislative Assemby based on Peavey MediaMatrix and a FOR-A vision switcher, all under the control of an AMX touch screen control system.

During 1999 the sound reinforcement system was upgraded in the Legislative Assembly.  This required custom speakers for different locations within the chamber to be manufactured and installed.

Recently The P.A. People has designed and installed a comprehensive front screen projection system featuring twin NEC front screen data projectors, a JVC visualiser and input switching facilities for up to 12 laptop computers.