The P.A. People deliver AV installation

The new Sumatran Tiger experience, Tiger Trek, is open to the public at Taronga Zoo in Sydney. The Tiger habitat area has been tripled in size and now accommodates more viewing areas and a themed ranger outpost. The immersive experience encompasses a rainforest trail, a smart mobile app and identification charts with the goal of educating visitors about the plight of the Sumatran Tiger and the need to support conservation efforts.

The P.A. People Installed Systems team partnered with the builder, Zauner Construction Pty Ltd to provide a complex AV solution to accommodate the new habitat. At the start of the experience there is an outdoor queueing area with 4 outdoor screens mounted in custom enclosures, displaying information about the Sumatran tigers. The voice announcements are heard through BOSE Freespace 360 outdoor mushroom speakers. Inside the building there is a simulated airplane interior with 1 X 82” Samsung screen for the cockpit, 19 X 32” Samsung screens to simulate airplane windows and 3 X 32” overhead display screens. The audio is fed through the ceiling mounted JBL CTRL 14 speakers. The airplane experience content is controlled and managed by a Show Controller Audio/Video system, programmed to give a realistic flight experience. The whole exhibit is controlled by Taronga staff who operate the Tigers Experience via a touch control LCD screen. From this panel they can control the video and audio throughout the exhibit and also the lighting and door opening/closing in the plane fuselage.

After the flight simulation guests enter the Sumatran Village section of the experience which is equipped with speakers used to simulate the sounds of the environment such as a motorcycle workshop and a ranger’s outpost. This multitrack soundscape continues through the entire Tiger Trek experience including the village, the jungle and along the trail to the event building.

The next section of the exhibit features the jungle where the Tigers can be viewed in their natural habitat and it includes an area for the inbound keeper talk with wireless mics and speakers. Next on the Trek is a midpoint building with a 12-screen video wall that features a presentation about the Sumatran Tiger’s habitat and discussions around conservation.  The video wall can be used to display PC based presentations for special events and dinners.

From midpoint the trail continues to the outbound viewing area where guests can view the Tigers up close, situated behind wire mesh. This section uses another wireless microphone system to accommodate the keeper presentations.

After this point guests travel to the exit building which is the supermarket, where they can participate in an interactive shopping simulation informing guests which familiar manufacturers score well and which score poorly via a 5-star conservation rating specifically related to deforestation in Sumatra.  JBL Control 14 ceiling speakers were also installed in this building for background music.

The products installed not only delivers the audio and visual requirements of this Tiger Trek experience, it also includes functionality which forms part of the site-wide evacuation system. This system overrides the soundscape throughout the Tiger Experience in case of an emergency.

The P.A. People Installed Systems team provided custom designed installed solutions for Tiger Trek including

  •  JBL speakers (Control 25AV, Control 23, Control 14)
  •  Bose Speakers (Freespace FreeSpace 360)
  •  BIAMP VOCIA products:  input boxes, output boxes, amplifiers, message server.
  •  Ampetronic hearing loop drivers
  •  Shure Microphone systems
  •  BSS Harman Blu100 DSP
  •  Medialon Show Controller system for soundscape, video, lighting and door control
  •  Dataton Watchout Vision servers
  •  Network Devices – Vision Transport & Matrix switcher
  •  Crestron Control system

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