The P.A. People Installed Systems project manager Frank Zayzon helps support a great cause

Not many people know about the chronic autoimmune disease, Lupus. Lupus is a very complex disease where the autoimmune system attacks the body’s own healthy tissue. People usually only become aware of it if either they, a family member or a friend, are affected. Despite the fact that many people have been diagnosed (there are multiple blood tests required to be able to diagnose it) and although we have been aware of it for decades now, there is still no cure.

There is only one approved drug which can be administered, but it is still not a complete cure. There are different types of drugs used to ease the pain, but all of these have side effects, most of them affecting the body in the long term. So it is a catch 22, while we ease the pain with drugs (steroids), we also harm the body. Lupus can attack the body and the organs in many different ways, each individual will have different symptoms. There are different types of Lupus, the most common is the systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), where the heart, joints, kidneys, liver, lungs, blood vessels, skin, nervous system can be affected.

Mount Kilimanjaro Climb for Lupus

| Picture Left: “The PA People” at 5895m altitude” | Picture Right: “Myself and my son Bence, conquering top of Africa” |

My daughter was diagnosed three years ago with SLE, which attacked her kidneys (she has lupus nephritis class IV). She went through chemotherapy treatments twice, she had three kidney biopsies.

Knowing the seriousness of this disease and to help spread awareness and to raise funds for the research of this incurable disorder, my son and myself decided to take it to the “highest levels” – Mount Kilimanjaro, the top of Africa.

All the donations are highly appreciated, and they are going to Lupus Association NSW.

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