… Nilo Dera, Senior Bench Technician

Nilo joined The P.A. People family back in January 2008 as our Senior Bench Technician.  Prior to working here, he spent 15 years with Rexel Video Systems at North Ryde, working on broadcast cameras for Panasonic.  Nilo’s 53 years as an audio and AV component-level repairer has seen him work in Vietnam, the Philippines and now in Australia.  During his nearly ten years with us, he has been responsible for a vast array of professional audio and AV products…as well as an interesting range of products (neither audio or AV) including a water polo display timer for Balmain Water Polo Club, numerous large-scale plotters and printers, a laser rifle for the Sydney International Shooting Centre at Olympic Park, RF modulators and amplifiers for our Event Communications Department…even a few coffee machines!  If it contains electronics, Nilo can fix it!

Nilo is also responsible for the electronics which go into our custom-built tasks. Working with our in-house engineers and project managers, Nilo designs and wires internal circuits for ‘off-the-shelf’ products as well as in stand-alone controllers.  Not everything we install comes out of the box with all of the required functionality included.  Having a staff member like Nilo on board means we are able to deliver a high quality, reliable and user-friendly solution for every customer.