Many schools utilise a site wide PA system to signal bells, make pages and announcements and perform assembly duties. These systems are clearly important tools for the day to day running of the school, but are regularly not maintained.

In an emergency situation it is vital that the public address system not only functions reliably – it must cover all areas in the school and be able to be heard by every person. It’s important to remember that when classrooms or sports fields are added or repurposed, the PA system needs to be extended too.

The following procedure is a quick and simple way to check the operation of your school’s PA system and highlight any issues.

  • Start with a diagram of the school with the paging mic and speaker locations marked, if known.
  • Have a colleague page through the microphone while speaking loudly and clearly, whilst you walk around each area of the school.
  • Mark on the diagram faulty speakers or locations where the page could not be adequately heard.
  • If all locations are not loud enough, increase the volume at the amplifier.

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