Question:  What is the best way to provide multiple interconnections between two different Intercom systems for an event or Outside Broadcast?

Answer:  Most likely MADI!

Traditional thinking might be that you would not even ask that question – if you had one intercom system or brand then the easy (but possibly not the best) answer would be to keep it all the same.  But what if you want to use your favourite full-duplex system, or your customer likes a particular brand of Matrix Panel?  The answer may be MADI.

At the recent Ceremonies for the Inaugural European Games in Baku Azerbaijan, The P.A. People were required to interface with the Broadcast Trucks, but at the time of shipping their systems the broadcast vendor was unknown.

The solution provided by The P.A. People was the new MADI interface card from Clear-Com.  The MADI card fits in a Clear-Com Eclipse HX frame, and provides a single bi-directional 64ch MADI interface over either a fibre and/or a coax interface.  A significant feature of the Clear-Com implementation is that unlike other vendors designs the Clear-Com card uses separate clock inputs and sample rate convertors both ways, providing flexibility and independence from the other system.

“The P.A. People proposed the MADI solution rather than the more traditional analogue four wires that we have used in previous Ceremonies.  The system worked flawlessly with sixteen discrete 4 wire circuits between our Ceremonies system and the system in the Broadcast trucks.  It was simple and elegant”,Ian Cooper, Technical Manager – Audio & Communications for Five Currents, the Producer of the Baku Ceremonies.

MADI interfaces can also be used to interface between your comms system and many major manufacturers’ audio consoles for IFB feeds and program feeds, or as a simple means to facilitate multi-channel recording of communications system activity.

Clear-Com Eclipse MADI cards are available as part of The P.A. People’s extensive rental inventory.