The P.A. People is arguably Australia’s leading stadium PA system designer and installer

Sports and music patrons expect the best sound and video when they attend a game, race meeting or concert.

The P.A. People supplies premium video display, IPTV, digital signage, complex audio systems and a comprehensive operation and maintenance capability to service this equipment.

The P.A. People is arguably Australia’s leading stadium PA system designer and installer; a reputation developed over many years. Our experience working in these large and complex facilities has led us to extend our services to include full audiovisual systems, scoreboards and video production facilities as well as networked IPTV and digital signage systems.

Working with our clients, their architects and consultants, each site is individually assessed to ensure infrastructure and network readiness for integration of sophisticated audio and video solutions that entertain, inform and protect guests in large, often noisy and busy venues.

Technology is immersive, it’s informative – but it can’t be distracting. Whether it’s large-format video display for stadiums or a sound system in a stadium, arena or racetrack – packed for the big event – technology must help attendees stay engaged. Technology must assist the venue to optimise their patrons’ event experience.

Sydney Showground Stadium AV install

The P.A. People offers a highly-skilled and responsive repair and maintenance service to help keep the equipment and systems in peak condition. Preventive, scheduled maintenance programs provide a major venue with the best insurance against system failure and equipment down-time.

Capability and services:

  • Seating bowl audio systems
  • Paging/BGM & life-safety systems – multi-zone – including corporate facilities
  • Multi-channel venue IPTV – including remote ‘waiter’ service via control system interface
  • Venue-wide cabling infrastructure – including broadcast facilities
  • AV/LX/audio systems for function and event spaces – large screen displays – including scoreboards and scoreboard systems, cabling infrastructure, installed and portable equipment, staging/rigging/drapes equipment, broadcast facilities – fixed and portable
  • Hearing augmentation systems
  • Communications systems – installed and event-driven temporary systems
  • Operator services – audio systems and AV events
  • Service and ongoing preventative maintenance – including rentals to replace equipment out for service
  • Rentals for event-based requirements

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