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When you have been involved in our industry for as long as Chris Dodds, Managing Director at Sydney’s The P.A. People, naturally you see some interesting pieces of kit along the way that strike a chord – gear that meets a need, products that just work and tools that make your life easier.

Over the years Chris and the team from The P.A. People have been assembling a collection of specialist tools and test gear that uniquely service the needs of production professionals and AV installers from a range of vendors worldwide – that they would like to share.

Tradeline is the new business-to-business portal from The P.A. People, providing the industry with access to this range of specialist audio, audio-visual, and communications products 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

From signal transmission to testing and measurement tools, Tradeline is the new port of call for industry specialists.

The growing range of Tradeline suppliers include:


AudioPressBox® is a specialist manufacturer of audio distribution systems for press conferences, presentations and other events, otherwise known in Australia as Media Splitters. There are three main sectors within the APB range:

Portable units – generally self-contained systems with or without battery power supply. Models are available housed in a transit case, or as a throw-down or rack-mounted model. Models are available with either Dante inputs, analog inputs or both.

Installation units – generally rack or wall-mounted, with or without the capability of adding ‘extender’ units. Again, models available with either Dante inputs, analog inputs or both.

Extender units – either rack-mounted, throw-down or wall-mounted extender units providing additional isolated outputs wherever you need them.

Cable Jog

We all need a cable tester. The range of automated cable testers from Cable Jog in the UK are amongst the simplest units to use on the market, In particular the AudioJog Pro3, Pro5, and Pro8 are cable testers for audio, lighting and network cables, giving users a clear reading of continuity, crossed circuits and resistance. Capable of single or double ended operation, the units allow for flexibility in cable testing across venues and in the shop.

CTP Systems

CTP Systems are a UK-based designer of communications and audio products with a focus on the broadcast and pro audio markets. Their flagship product in Australia is the dbBox2 audio test set. The second major update for this fantastic little audio test set includes AES signal generation and monitoring at 96kHz as well as 48kHz, a timecode reader with monitoring and metering, a test timecode generator, audio delay, white noise (as well as pink noise) generator and many other significant enhancements. With its latest version 3 firmware, the dBbox2 is even more essential for the sound and audio engineer. The dBbox2 allows monitoring, metering and generation of analogue, AES/EBU and SPDIF audio from a pocket-sized box.

Eclipse Broadcast

New from Eclipse Broadcast is the SIGNAL BOX range of handheld SDI and analog video testers. The range comprises three models – the basic RED, the mid-tier BLR, and the top of the range YELLOW model. These new portable testers can test lines and equipment in digital SDI format with some models also analog capable and featuring a loudspeaker and a headphone socket to allow audible testing and proving of an embedded audio signal on the incoming video stream. A must-have for any video professional.


Based in Israel, the home of HDbaseT, M-Solutions specialise in testers for HDBaseT installations. The MS-TestPro is an indispensable HDBaseT tool for all AV installers and integrators. M-Solution’s award-winning HDBaseT tester has built-in monitoring, logging and diagnostics capabilities, quick and efficient analysis and troubleshooting tools that both simplify audio visual installations and enable you to give your customers the quickest and best service possible. It provides AV professionals with all the information that they need while in the field to enable them to verify the integrity and stability of HDBaseT systems down to the last detail. Moreover, the MS-TestPro generates a report including all the parameters necessary to certify link quality and status up to 4K Ultra High Definition. The report can then be transferred to a computer or a smartphone for use by both installer and end-user.

Nixer Pro Audio

A great diagnostics tool is always good to have in the toolbox. Nixer Pro Audio provides Dante and AES567 AoIP audio testing solutions from hand-held PoE powered devices through to rack mount monitoring bridges for up to four Dante and or Ravenna and or AES67 networks. With years of product design experience behind them, the team from Nixer are the pioneers in Audio over IP test sets.


Introducing the LAP-TEQ range from TEQ-SAS, a range of specialist rigging tools for production applications from Germany. There are three main rigging products in the range: LAP-TEQ Plus Clinometer measures the inclination of a cluster of loudspeakers, LAP-TEQ Elevation can determine the height of an array, truss or LED Screen from the floor, while LAP-TEQ Motion is a chain hoist controller with a LAP-TEQ display.  Also of interest is the TEQSAS TQX, a fantastic test tool for speakers and speaker cables featuring a built-in battery powered 10W amplifier with Speakon output, test tones and capability to store your favourite test music tracks.

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