Infrastructure, the glue that holds it all together…

Cables and connectors are perhaps both the most overlooked and at the same time the most important part of the system. Realising this The P.A. People have focused heavily on Infrastructure and regard it as the backbone of all our deliverables.

Cabling Infrastructure

The provision of appropriate and necessary cable infrastructure to support a communications system includes backbone cabling systems for both Wired and Radio Comms, a distributed antenna system, networks and many other items.
The P.A People use multi-pair Cat5E cabling and a combination of traditional analogue and/or digital signal distribution over copper. Both rental multi-pair multi-pinned structured cables and on site terminated cable can be deployed.
We also typically provide both multi-mode and single mode fibre cable for longer cable paths, and/or services requiring higher throughput. All fibre cable is tactical strength cable and is terminated with multi-pole connectors.

AV infrastructure

Antenna Systems

The Antenna system required to achieve appropriate signal coverage represents a significant design challenge in itself. Selection of appropriate antennas is a crucial part of a successful communications system. The P.A. People uses many types of antennae including dipoles, yagis, and sector coverage in a variety of arrays and polarisations.
We regularly deploy radiating cable systems, RF over Fibre and distributed antenna systems for services requiring coverage in areas of low signal strength.

Power Distribution and UPS Systems

The P.A. People carries a comprehensive range of power distribution equipment including change over units to facilitate the use of dual power supplies, and the capability to operate in many countries  under any power conditions.

All critical items are powered via UPS systems. These units provide power for system frames, RF equipment and all communications equipment in main control room areas. Our UPS units vary in size from 18kVa down to 500Va to provide back-up power to individual intercom stations where required.

Time Code Distribution and Displays

Similarly,The P.A. People is able to arrange the distribution of time code throughout a venue over installed comms cable and IP network infrastructure as well as broadband RF distribution. We can also supply time code displays which are usually located with matrix intercom stations and other comms equipment.

Ethernet Networks

The P.A. People has a comprehensive range of ethernet networking hardware designed to integrate with our product and service offerings. These items include complete Free Space Optical (FSO) link packages designed to transport fast Ethernet networks over distances of up to 1Km, and 5Ghz Full Duplex RF links capable of distances well over 10km. These links are complemented by 802.11a access points and CPE devices along with a significant inventory of HSPA+ modems to implement wider scale networking.

We also have a large number of HP managed Gigabit Ethernet switches with fibre optic interfaces, firewalls, routers, IP telephony, printers, and workstations to complement our networking capability.

The P.A. People has an extensive capability to provide managed 802.11 based WiFi networks for your event. Using intelligent beam steering technology from Ruckus Wireless, we can provide seamless overage of any site with either local area access only, or full internet access when coupled with an ADSL, 3G or 4G broadband or satellite internet access point.

Audio and Video Network Transport

To complement our networking capability, The P.A. People has a wide range of specialist encode and decode devices for both audio and video.

We have equipment cable for delivering audio in both compressed and uncompressed formats over a variety of media, including:

  • CobraNet – uncompressed audio over Ethernet
  • Dante – uncompressed audio over IP
  • VoIP – compressed audio over IP

Similarly we have equipment capable of delivering video in a number of formats over a variety of media including:

  • MPEG2– video and audio over IP
  • MPEG4 – video and audio over IP
  • H.264 – video and audio over IP
  • Composite – video over fibre
  • SDI – video over fibre

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