Hearing Augmentation Systems are a legal requirement in many public spaces as defined in the Building Code of Australia. They are also a vital public service.

Hearing AugmentationThe P.A. People has been delivering hearing augmentation solutions for well over twenty years. The company has been and continues to be a leader in the design and delivery of these systems. Prior to Sydney’s iconic Olympic Games in the year 2000, we installed hearing augmentation systems in many of the new venues that were constructed – including the Olympic Stadium and while not as ‘visible’ or well known, we also provided coverage of Yulang – a 5,000sqm outdoor paved space around the Sydney Olympic Park railway station. Since that time, we have installed solutions in The Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Town Hall and Sydney Airport – just a few venues that have benefited from our understanding of and expertise in Hearing Augmentation.

The purpose of these systems is to assist those with hearing difficulties to both comprehend and enjoy material that is being amplified through an installed PA system, and their provision is mandatory in many public spaces, including educational institutions, places of business, auditoria, rooms used for legal proceedings and some reception areas.

All systems designed and installed by The P.A. People are custom engineered solutions that draw on their extensive experience working with builders, engineering consultants, suppliers, clients and end-users.

An appropriate Hearing Augmentation System will improve the experience and engagement of your patrons and audiences.

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