…It’s all about the Network!

Leading venue systems increasingly will rely on network delivery for their communications. As audience demands rise, so the need for Venues to deliver a high level of Patron Experience – and network-based systems provide a solution.

Future Proofing

While we can (and should be) discussing the individual technology deliverables, the reality is that future proofing venue technology is all about the network – both in terms of active equipment and also in terms of physical cable infrastructure.
We don’t know what we don’t know, but we do know it will be networked !

Technology in Venues

  • Patron experience depends on technology in almost every aspect of a modern venue far more than it has previously
  • People want to have the same or better experiences in venue that they expect in other aspects of their day to day lives

Audio and Sound Reinforcement

  • What was acceptable in terms of the quality of audio performance 15 years ago is no longer the benchmark – systems are not necessarily louder, but patrons are looking for incrementally broader frequency response,  better coverage etc – small changes technically, but potentially large budget implications

Mobile Devices

  • WiFi was not a thing 15 years ago, but as was mentioned at last year’s VMA session on the topic, it is becoming almost as important to the patrons as the seats themselves, and just as unlikely to create any significant revenue in and of itself.  Another line in the tech budget.

Screens and Signage

  • 15 years ago we were just embracing widescreen TV, but flat panels screens were in their infancy.  Now screens and digital signage are a significant part of our culture, but the rapid rate of change in panel performance and technology, and a significant diversity in system management platform’s make this a difficult space to plan for.

Performance Lighting

  • While LED lighting fixtures have been permeating the Architectural side of the lighting space for many years, the same is now true for Performance lighting.  Again this brings a new raft of design consideration’s in terms of infrastructure and control which should be considered in any refurbishment.

Audio Visual

  • The AV industry is undergoing a phenomenal osmosis from a centrally switched hardware centric model to an IT based IP model.  Audio lead the charge over the past 15 years, and we are on the brink of a similar transformation in the Video side.  This change will bring both operational flexibility, but along with a whole new level of IT infrastructure requirements.

It’s all about the Network

  • The most significant theme for all five of these deliverables is that they all ether currently rely on a IP Network for their backbone, or they are rapidly moving in that direction
  • Networks designed for venue technology will need to support high bandwidths and have high level features enabled to ensure performance

Client Relationship – long-term certainty

Central to The P.A. People approach is long-term relationship with our customers. Our ‘fit for purpose’ model thrives on being able to service our customers – from design inception through supply & installation, operation of the systems, to service & maintenance. This delivery model is valid whether it is a new sound system, an IPTV solution, networking and WiFi – or all three.

Proven technology – reliable partnerships 

Equally, The P.A. People looks to form the same strength of relationship with selected technology suppliers. At this year’s VMA Congress, we were proud to have Bose Professional, Philips and Exterity join with us.

Talk with us about Audio, AV, IPTV and network solutions for your facility Ph: 02 8755 8599.

VMA Conference

VMA Conference

VMA Congress 2016

Chris Dodds joined a Panel at this year’s Asia-Pacific Venue Industry Congress in Brisbane.  The following topic & description was addressed by leading industry speakers:

Venues must operate effectively and profitably, long after the paint has dried. In this Panel, leading practitioners and stakeholders discussed design, operation, technology and investment that must support a venue’s ability to deliver, long into the future.

The session focussed on operational considerations in the architectural design and/or refurbishment of venues, as well as discussing the importance of the patron experience through the integration of technology.

The Speaker’s panel addressed the following aspects:

  • delivery of project partnership promises, preserving asset value & whole-of-life performance
  • venue-appropriate back bone infrastructure, service provision & access, facility flexibility & operating cost impacts
  • integrated technology & system operations, purpose-built high-performance solution delivery
  • adaptability & future proofing, location & context, patron & community experience.

Plenary Group – is a leading international infrastructure business with large, experienced management teams located in the Americas and the Asia Pacific region. As Public-Private Partnerships (PPP or P3) infrastructure experts, with project experience valued at some $24 billion, the firm’s reputation is built on having delivered diverse and challenging privately financed, public infrastructure projects. As an independent long-term investor, sponsor and operator of public infrastructure, Plenary Group adopts a holistic approach to delivering its projects.

David Sheehan, Executive Director, Asset Management – Plenary Group

AEG Ogden –  is the result of a joint venture between Australian based interests and AEG Facilities, a stand-alone affiliate of the Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), one of the leading global sports and entertainment presenters. AEG Ogden has an established industry reputation for delivering international standard venue management services in the Asia Pacific region. The firm is responsible for the management of the largest network of venues in the region – including arenas, stadiums, convention and exhibition centres, and theatres through Australia, Asia, and the Middle East.

Gary Thomas, Manager Technical & Design International – AEG Ogden

The P.A. People – is a specialist contractor in sound reinforcement, audio-visual systems and event communications. With 40 years’ experience, the company designs & integrates systems for stadia, arenas, theatres, performing arts centres & entertainment precincts. Among their stadia clients are 14 of the key stadiums on the Australian east coast. On the live production side – multi-sports events, celebrations & festival experience includes involvement in four Olympics, Sydney NYE, Australian F1 Grand Prix, Tour de France, World Cup, Shanghai World Expo.

Chris Dodds, Managing Director – The P.A. People

Populous – is a global collective of architects, designers, technical experts and industry veterans. With diverse experience across architecture, planning, event accreditation, brand activation, interior design and sustainability, Populous create places where millions unite. Over three decades and more than 2,000 projects, their team has built a business on building businesses. With a keen understanding of the industry, Populous harness that knowledge to create places and experiences that have a strong and lasting impact on communities.

Paul Henry, Senior Principal – Populous

www.vma.org.au     2016 Asia Pacific Venue Industry Congress