Audio, AV, IPTV & WIFI

Client service relationship
Central to The P.A. People approach is long-term relationship with our customers. Our ‘fit for purpose’ model thrives on being able to service our customers – from design inception through supply & installation, operation of the systems, to service & maintenance. This delivery model is valid whether it is a new sound system, an IPTV solution, networking and WiFi – or all three.

An engineered approach
The ability to find the perfect balance between utility, quality, serviceability and attainability is a skill only learned through years of real-world experience. “Fundamentally, ‘Fit for Purpose’ is an engineering approach; It’s all about what’s best for the job.”  Chris Dodds, Managing Director, The P.A. People.

When assessing a product or system design, we ask ‘Is it appropriate? Is it serviceable?’ In the quest for venue technical solutions these questions are critical.  A product may exceed all desired performance criteria, however its cost or maintenance requirements can render it a poor choice. An alternate choice may be attractive in price, but will ultimately be difficult to use or fail to live up to a customer’s expectations.

Customer needs
The P.A. People have the customer’s needs, aspirations and practical realities at the forefront of their thinking. This influences product choice and provides longevity for customers by developing long term relationships with suppliers. This is the value of having an experienced integrator involved in the design and deployment of any AV solution.

Intelligent design
A history of finding often unique solutions to live production and installation challenges means that The P.A. People are aware of many pitfalls that may not be obvious at the outset of a project. An intelligent approach is to know what you don’t know. “An intelligent design is one that states a system’s goals, its intelligibility and the area it must cover, without specifying one particular solution. That is truly understanding design and capturing what the customer needs.” says Chris Dodds.