It is common that stage lighting in School halls, Auditoriums or Drama spaces feature old, neglected lighting fixtures, dimmers and controllers. These units can often be dangerous to leave neglected, and with the push for more green conscious equipment to be rolled out into the education sector, it is worth considering an upgrade to LED fixtures.

  • LED fixtures feature a much greater ‘Globe’ life than a traditional Incandescent fixture, by a factor of thousands of hours of usage. This reduces service and maintenance costs.
  • LED fixtures consume an average of 100 watt where as a traditional PAR can consume over 300w for comparable light output. The LED option is therefore a more cost effective and energy conscious solution.
  • LED fixtures run a lot cooler than traditional incandescent, meaning a much cooler stage for performance. This is particularly critical in smaller drama and performance spaces.
  • Entry level Incandescent fixtures, such as PAR Cans and Profiles, only feature 1 usable colour, applied via a gel, meaning a colour change requires either multiple fixtures with different Gels applied, or manual swapping of Gels which is often difficult due to their installation location. Most LED fixtures feature RGB colour as a minimum, with many now featuring Amber, white and UV to apply colour temperature. All of this is controllable instantly from the DMX control surface
  • A Traditional Incandescent PAR can retailed for ~ $140 including globe, a comparable RGB LED PAR can is currently ~ $440.

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