Distributed Audio and Messaging Systems

Speaker Systems

The P.A. People is a specialist in the design and provision of large -scale distributed audio systems for live events. Our systems are suitable for all crowd control applications, commentary and general ambience requirements.

With a raft of customised rigging solutions suitable for street poles, temporary event fencing and open areas the systems can be deployed throughout all event areas with minimal visual impact and maximum audio clarity.

In use on events such as the Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne and the City to Surf in Sydney, these systems can be rapidly deployed throughout city and urban areas or specific event sites as required.

Distributed Audio & Messaging

Zone Manager

Complementing our distributed speaker systems, The P.A. People has developed a unique solution to the challenge of distributing audio messaging for large- scale events and crowd control over large areas – Zone Manager.

An unlimited number of audio and messaging zones can be created and centrally managed to provide automated but updatable crowd management messages for Ingress and Egress. Typically the system would be deployed using a combination of mobile broadband and wireless networking technologies, enabling the location of an individual zone virtually anywhere!

Audio streaming and message playback hardware, customised software applications and an IP network are the foundation of the solution. The system allows for the playback of pre-recorded messages and streaming of live voice announcements to multiple zones.

A play list selected from pre-recorded announcements is created on the system. This list is stored on the local messaging device and updated every two minutes from the central database. The database, which is in turn configured via a simple web based interface, manages the individual playlists for each zone.

Priority streaming ports are also enabled for emergency notification and other important ‘real time’ messages, interrupting message playback with live audio and returning to the playlist after the live feed is turned off.

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