An AV Control system is only as good as its interface…

The true value of a system is often only realised if the system is easy to use.
To achieve this goal Control Systems are often employed to provide a simple integrated user interface for a system.

The P.A. People is a specialists in the design and provision of Control Systems. We have implemented a variety of user interfaces for clients as diverse as the Sydney Opera House, St Mary’s Cathedral, Stadium Australia, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, the RAAF Richmond and many education facilities throughout Australia.

We are able to select from a wide range of appropriate technology from simple button controls, through touch screens and hand held remotes, to large scale client server systems.

Control AV systems

Simple Classroom Control

From the provision of a programmable remote control, to a simple wall mounted control panel that controls the projector screen and a playback device, we are able to provide a wide range of simple classroom control systems so that you can be in control of the technology, rather than the technology being in control of you.

Board Rooms, Training Rooms and Tertiary Education

The next step along the control systems road is the provision of a fully integrated solution that can take care of all the functionality that a modern training or presentation facility can offer – not only the presentation technology including projection, audio, and lighting, but also air conditioning, IT integration, room booking, etc.

We design systems that can be controlled from a combination of touch screens, web interfaces and simple button panels, and that can email the appropriate person when the system needs maintenance.

Our Control systems are drawn from acknowledged industry leaders – AMX and Crestron – so you can be assured of their integrity and reliability for years to come.

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