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A day in the life of our AV Sales Hire Service Department

Last week we received an urgent call from one of our local schools. They had a concert the following evening and couldn’t get their hall and COLA sound system working. A quick reschedule by our service coordinator landed one of the on-road service techs at the school the next morning. He arrived in a van

7’s Restaurant Revolution takes on Tempest

When Australia’s Seven Network were looking for an improved wireless communication solution to support their new reality TV series Restaurant Revolution, they turned to Sydney’s The P.A. People. Scott Riley from The P.A. People takes up the story.  “The guys from Channel Seven called up wanting to find a simple packaged wireless comms solution for

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The ‘NEW’ Springwood Theatre & Community Hub

…The P.A. People bring an effective AV solution to a multi-purpose venue! “The audio visual infrastructure allows various hirers and user groups to patch into the system - making it versatile and user-friendly”, said Josh Jones, Installations Project Manager on this task, for The P.A. People. The P.A. People was tasked with supporting the AV requirements

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The Windsong Pavilion – enriching Nature’s Concert Hall in Bermagui

Project: The Windsong Pavilion - architect designed, 160 seat multipurpose Concert Hall in Bermagui, NSW. The small town of Bermagui lies in the far south of NSW, on the Sapphire Coast. Down a narrow country road just nine kilometres from the town, a stunning natural amphitheatre known as Nature’s Concert Hall hosts the biennial Four

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The Eternity Playhouse Theatre, Darlinghurst

Since the 1990s, Sydney’s Darlinghurst Theatre Company have provided a forum for actors, writers and producers to express themselves on the professional stage. Proud champions of independent, sustainable theatre practice, they were chosen by the City of Sydney to be the managing company of the newly established Eternity Playhouse in Darlinghurst. The Eternity Playhouse is

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PA System Installation for Rockdale Town Hall

After shutting for renovations in 2011, southern Sydney’s Rockdale Town Hall re-opened with a gala concert late November 2013. The Rockdale Opera Company, who have called the Town Hall home since the late 1940s, graced the stage with long-time resident companies Rockdale Musical Society and the Regals Musical Society. The auditorium’s beautiful Art Deco detailing

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The Wayside Chapel Community Hall

Since 1964, The Wayside Chapel in King’s Cross has been providing ‘practical love’, acceptance and support to all members of its community, especially those doing it rough. With comprehensive programmes covering physical and mental health, indigenous issues and youth at risk, the Chapel lives by its motto “Love over Hate”. The Reverend Graham Long, Pastor

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