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Hearing Augmentation Solutions… a vital public service

Hearing Augmentation Systems are a legal requirement in many public spaces as defined in the Building Code of Australia. They are also a vital public service. The P.A. People has been delivering hearing augmentation solutions for well over twenty years. The company has been and continues to be a leader in the design and delivery

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ACTLA – ACT Parliament AV Upgrade

The ACT Legislative Assembly was well overdue for an AV upgrade; the last installation by The P.A. People occurred 15 years ago. The new system comprised an upgrade to the audio headend system which involved replacing the BIAMP AudiaFLEX DSP with a Tesira DSP. Upgrades were in the main Chamber and both Committee Rooms. The need for

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A day in the life of our AV Sales Hire Service Department

Last week we received an urgent call from one of our local schools. They had a concert the following evening and couldn’t get their hall and COLA sound system working. A quick reschedule by our service coordinator landed one of the on-road service techs at the school the next morning. He arrived in a van

Australian Parliament House

The most recent project completed for the Australian Parliament is our deployment of an assisted listening system in the Great Hall in the Australian Parliament House. This system is used to enhance the experience for those attending a great variety of events from public exhibitions and state functions to commercial conferences and program launches. A

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North Sydney Council New DIS Conference and Voting System

North Sydney Council has been an ongoing client over many years. In 2014 we upgraded the Council chambers with a new DIS conference and voting system to enable Council meetings to progress with a minimum of fuss. We have also deployed a vision system that allows the Councillors to keep track of the agenda and minutes

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Victorian Parliament New Digital PC Based Voice Recording Solution

The P.A. People has completed two major contracts for the Hansard Division of the Victorian Parliament. In mid 2000, The P.A. People won a contract to supply and install a new digital PC based voice recording solution for Hansard. The system provides segmented four track recording of both chambers of Parliament and two track recording of

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Shoalhaven Council DIS Conference Discussion System

The P.A. People has provided Shoalhaven Council with a number of solutions for their Council Chambers over the years. These pictures depict the installation of a DIS conference discussion system installed in the early 1990's. This system allows the councilors to effectively communicate with each other, as well as providing sound reinforcement and recording facilities.

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Parliaments & Local Councils Sound Reinforcement Systems

The provision of services to all levels of Parliament is a role the P.A. People have fulfilled at both state and local level. Our range of services at state level have included: Chamber sound reinforcement for NSW Parliament, Victorian Parliament and ACT Legislative Assembly Committee Room reinforcement for NSW Parliament and ACT Legislative Assembly Media

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