Cast monitoring systems for one or thousands…

Monitoring systems for mass cast communications are one of The P.A. People specialities. We offer a range from high level in-ear monitor systems for headline talent, through to FM Broadcast systems where you need to communicate with literally thousands.

Broadcast FM Receivers

For this application The P.A. People has designed our own FM- IEM broadcast receiver. This quality radio receiver has been specifically selected for use as a talent receiver in mass cast applications as found in large scale sporting event ceremonies.

The unit features five tunable preset frequencies allowing the cast member to quickly and efficiently select the appropriate channel. The unit has an auto tune mode and all functions can be locked out using a recessed front panel button ensuring settings will be retained when the unit is in a pocket or concealed in a costume. Power is provided by two readily available AAA batteries which exhibit good life expectancy.

Cast Monitoring

The basic features are:

  • FM Band
  • PLL digital auto tuning
  • Ear piece only
  • 5 station presets
  • Last tuned frequency retained
  • FM stereo with stereo/mono selector
  • Electronic on/off control
  • Electronic volume control
  • Key lock function
  • Belt/hand strap
  • 3V battery operation (2pcs AAA/UM-4/R03)

We are able to supply these receivers in quantity on either a rental or a sale basis.

Broadcast FM Transmitters

The P.A People also provides quality FM transmission solutions. Our systems are fully agile over the entire frequency range. We have previously provided systems comprising of as little as one or up to thirty channels, with output power from 5W to 1,000W per channel. We design a system complete with the appropriate selection of antennae to suit your purpose, whether it be to cover a stadium or a city.

As with all our radio transmissions systems, each channel features comprehensive multi-coupling and filtering unique to The P.A. People. This ensures that radios do not interfere with each other, particularly in larger systems, nor will they be subject to interference from outside sources.

IEM Solutions

The P.A. People offers a number of different IEM solutions dependant on the level of the requirement and the number of receivers required.

Our two top tiers available are based on the Shure PSM700 transmitter. Each channel of transmitter would again be supplied with appropriate filtering to integrate the transmitters with other Radio Frequency systems in use. For event applications where the appropriate licensing arrangements can be effected, we can offer a multi-channel amplification solution specifically designed for In Ear Monitoring applications.

We include one amplifier per frequency suitable to boost transmission levels to accommodate the losses associated with integration into a multi-coupling system and the requirements of long transmission distances.

Two levels of receiver are offered for these systems. For headline talent and channels requiring only a few receivers, we would recommend the Shure PSM700R unit. For channels requiring a larger number of receivers such as flying artists and/or aerialists, we would recommend the Shure PSM400R receiver.

To fill the void between high quality IEM systems and FM Broadcast applications, particularly where license restrictions may apply, we have sourced a mid-level IEM system suitable for deployment where requirements are for hundreds of receivers rather than thousands.

This system features a diversity receive path, increasing its reliability and range over other similarly priced alternatives. Operating in the UHF frequency band, each channel of transmitter would again be supplied with appropriate filtering and RF amplification to integrate the transmitters with other Radio Frequency systems in use.

Earpiece and Accessories

Each FM-IEM cast monitoring receiver comes complete with a pair of standard low cost earbuds, in either white, tan or black colour, while all IEM systems come with either Shure U-1 or Westone UM1 earpieces.

We also offer a number of different upgrades for low cost earbuds, including:

  • Soft silicone moulds to enhance the retention of the ear bud in the ear
  • Mid quality ‘microbud’ earpieces
  • Westone UM1 micro driver earpieces

Radio Mics

Where safety or operational requirements mandate, The P.A. People also provides radio microphone systems to complement our range of In Ear Monitoring solutions.

We have a large inventory of Shure UHF R series product complete with multi-coupling and specialised antenna systems.

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