(The following article from AV Magazine puts an interesting perspective on the value and expertise created within Australian AV companies. The P.A. People and Brisbane-based Creative Audio were sister Companies sharing common ownership and management prior to the sale of Creative Audio to Biamp almost a decade ago.)

Few in the audiovisual industry don’t know Biamp, but many would be surprised to hear that there is a Biamp engineering and design office here in Australia.

Lots of the world’s leading technology companies grow their businesses by acquiring smaller companies which have developed original technology. Recently we’ve seen the domino effect where AMX acquired a ready-made networked AV product line when they bought SVSi. Of course, AMX themselves have been snapped up by one of the biggest fish in the pond, Harman, and in a dizzying turn Harman themselves have been swallowed by an even larger whale, Samsung. In all this you have to wonder what becomes of the littlest fish, the ones with the really great ideas and products.

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