The P.A. People was privileged to provide supply and management of all performance communications for the 2004 Olympic and Paralympic opening and closing ceremonies in Athens, our second successive Olympiad.

We were retained by Jack Morton Worldwide and ECA2 to provide the entire communications systems which were significantly larger than that used in Sydney in 2000.

These systems comprised:

  • ClearCom MatrixPlus3 144 port matrix system with over 60 ClearCom display stations
  • Creative Audio ConcertCom Party Line system with 150 beltpacs on 25 different rings
  • Twenty constant-transmit duplex radio bases
  • Eight simplex mobile base radios
  • Four in-ear monitor transmitters (plus twelve provided by Audio)
  • Three FM transmitters and 7,500 receivers
  • A multi-coupling system for all transmitters covering 88-700MHz with both standard antennae and leaky coax coverage within athlete’s tunnels.