“All Saints Catholic College has been working in collaboration with The P.A. People to establish one unified PA system that integrated the existing equipment as well as modifying the overall design of the system to meet the needs of the new College. This presented a number of challenges as the two previous systems had been operating independently; both evolved over time and dealt with spaces that were used for differing purposes in the past.” Commented Matthew Wells – Leader of Learning and Innovation.

The College, recently went through a reconstruction project to combine the separate boys and girls schools. This also required the PA system to be rebuilt to accommodate these changes. A new central administration building was constructed and this also includes the main PA control centre which covers the whole school.

The project involved reusing some existing components and integrating them with the equipment from the new solution. Due to the new layout plan for the school, the zones required for paging and bells had to be redesigned.

“The P.A. People worked closely with the College in firstly combining the two systems into one functioning system and then modifying the new system to meet the needs of our redefined usage of areas around the campus. This included the integration of appropriate wireless technologies as well as an easy-to-use menu system for enabling/disabling zones.”  Matthew Wells – Leader of Learning and Innovation

In order to facilitate one of their requirements for evacuation paging, we introduced digital audio processing into the system via BSS BLU systems. We enabled one of their microphones to switch from normal mode covering one zone, to reroute in the event of an evacuation to cover the whole school. We achieved this easily by introducing a digital audio network.