The ACT Legislative Assembly was well overdue for an AV upgrade; the last installation by The P.A. People occurred 15 years ago. The new system comprised an upgrade to the audio headend system which involved replacing the BIAMP AudiaFLEX DSP with a Tesira DSP. Upgrades were in the main Chamber and both Committee Rooms.

The need for the upgrade was a result of four new Members joining Parliament. A new desk was built for the Members and this required the system to be rewired and new microphones added.  We also installed and terminated sixteen new communication lines for the new desk. The out-dated control desk was replaced by a new 21” touch panel system.

A new RF Listen Technologies system was also installed to give hearing augmentation to the Chamber and Committee Rooms. This was deemed more cost-effective than running wiring under the carpet, which may have caused damage to floor coverings.

Before After