Last week we received an urgent call from one of our local schools. They had a concert the following evening and couldn’t get their hall and COLA sound system working. A quick reschedule by our service coordinator landed one of the on-road service techs at the school the next morning.

He arrived in a van loaded with test equipment and quickly established that the amplifier feeding the hall’s internal speakers had overheated and failed. Further troubleshooting found that the horns in the COLA were being fed by a speaker cable that was badly corroded and was creating a nasty buzzing sound. Two hours later, the company’s hire department came to site and installed an amplifier to return functionality to the hall’s internal speakers. A battery operated, cable-free solution was provided for the COLA. An hour after that, the school received a quote from our sales department to replace their old amplifier which by that time had been assessed by the service department’s in-house bench technicians as uneconomical to repair.

The following morning, the service tech returned to site and installed a new speaker cable for the horns in the COLA and the new amplifier for the speakers in the hall. He removed the hire department’s amp and portable PA system that had been used for the concert the previous evening. The school concert was a great success! The P.A. People’s on-road and bench technicians had the right skills and equipment. The short term hire solution ensured that the concert was heard by all and the long term installation solution was completed quickly and efficiently. All in a day’s work for our Sales / Hire / Service team.