When Australia’s Seven Network were looking for an improved wireless communication solution to support their new reality TV series Restaurant Revolution, they turned to Sydney’s The P.A. People.

Scott Riley from The P.A. People takes up the story.  “The guys from Channel Seven called up wanting to find a simple packaged wireless comms solution for their new show.  Being communications specialists, The P.A. People can offer a wide range of solutions from analogue or trunked digital Motorola two way radios, through to the Clear-Com FreeSpeak DECT based full duplex system, analogue IFB solutions and many others in between.  Once we started to distil the requirements for the new show, it seemed like a Clear-Com Tempest solution would be the most appropriate system to meet their needs.”

The P.A. People stock the four-channel 2.4GHz Tempest system primarily as it can provide more flexibility than the two-channel variant. Each system can operate with up to five packs in full duplex hands-free mode accessing all four-channels, or as a four-channel push to talk system with as many belt-packs as are required, or in a unique mixed mode with some hands-free and some PTT users at the same time.  Another significant feature of the Tempest system is the ability to cascade multiple systems to achieve a cellular roaming system for larger coverage areas, and both four-wire and partyline interfaces to other wired systems.

Restaurant Revolution is using five Tempest-based systems either as separate stand-alone systems or when shooting requirements dictate, as larger integrated systems with interfaces to the show’s director and audio operators. “On any normal shoot each producer on set would require two sets of comms and an IFB. These 3 pieces of equipment were replaced with just one Clear-Com unit. This made it a user and cost friendly system we’ll definitely use again”, said Matthew Apps, Executive Producer for Restaurant Revolution.

If you have an upcoming wired or wireless Communication requirement, then talk to the Event Communications team at The P. A. People