Sound Pressure Level & Environment Monitoring – SPLnet

The newest addition to The P.A. People event communication services is networked sound pressure level monitoring systems. Our system is based on hardware from SPLnet, integrated with our own Ethernet links and 3G HSPA routers. Our systems are packaged in weatherproof housings and are capable of either mains operation or stand-alone operation, complete with batteries and solar panels.

SPL monitoring units and microphones may be placed anywhere to optimise audio capture, including on the site boundaries to ensure compliance monitoring in accordance with license conditions. These units continuously capture and analyse sound pressure levels and communicate with networked computers, enabling operators to have their own customised display indicating when they are about to exceed license levels.

The SPLnet system provides centralised and continuous monitoring and logging of all information. It uses a web enabled system to distribute information for all stake holders – compliance monitoring, management and audio operators. Customised software graphically displays critical data on a real-time basis while storing data for analysis and reporting. We can also provide environmental monitoring including temperature/humidity probes and wind speed/direction sensors.


The system provides (as a minimum):

  • Simultaneous SPL A fast and SPL C fast measurements to comply with license for the venue
  • Long term Leq and Ln measurements for statistical evaluation of noise
  • Octave and 1/3 Octave analysis to provide detailed frequency based information
  • Continuous data and audio logging of all perimeter sites

The goal of the SPLnet system from The P.A. People is to improve the quality of information provided by real-time logging, monitoring and reporting data in formats that are easily understood. We are able to integrate the requirements of compliance and sound management, and therefore reduce the requirement for verbal or text based communication between stakeholders.
We have designed a system to provide real-time measurement, feedback and analysis that takes advantage of state of the art networking technology.

Features of the system include:

  • Centralised Data collection
  • Secure data repository
  • Mobile broadband private network ensures that logging is independent of monitoring
  • Logging of any or all parameters simultaneously (SPL Afast, SPL Aslow, SPL Cfast, SPL Cslow, Leq L5, L10, L50, L90, L95, Ln, etc)
  • Web based display interfaces
  • User account and authentication required
  • Mobile phone with browser
  • Tablet PC with broadband connection
  • Desktop PC with internet connection
  • Monitor and/or listen to any or all meters

SPLnet provides:

  • Real-time information from all sensitive locations around the site
  • Fixed measurement locations and rapid polling of data ensuring that samples are consistent and statistically robust
  • Audio monitoring to remove ambiguity as to the source of noise
  • Synchronised Network Time stamps to assure the integrity of the data
  • More data than manual systems, but significantly easier to view and interpret
  • Single point monitoring position that can be viewed and managed at many locations.

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