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Sporting Events

High quality audio systems, seamless communications and expertise in presentations, performances and broadcast requirements are critical aspects of today’s sporting events.

The P.A. People is arguably one of Australia’s leading suppliers of audio and communications systems with a track record proven over many years of involvement with large-scale events including the Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix, APIA International, The Ashes Test Match in Sydney, the Sun-Herald City-to Surf, and the London 2012 Olympic Games.

We have worked with leaders in this field to develop solutions that meet the needs of professional sport producers both in Australia and around the world, designing and manufacturing specialist equipment to meet particular needs.

We offer stadium audio systems including operation and enhancement, side-of-field communications including two-way radios integrated to wired communications systems, in-ear monitors for MCs, specialist video control systems tailored to the needs of sports presentation and video screen production, liaison with broadcasters and venues in both the lead-up and duration of events, and experienced staff who understand the various sporting codes and associated protocols.

Capability and services:

  • Stadium public address and sound reinforcement systems
  • Side-of-field communications
  • Specialist video control systems and video screen production
  • Specialist operator services – audio and AV systems
  • Communications systems – installed and event-driven temporary systems
  • Rentals for event-based requirements
  • Paging/BGM & life-safety systems – multi-zone – including corporate facilities
  • Multi-channel venue IPTV – including remote ‘waiter’ service via control system interface
  • Venue-wide cabling infrastructure – including broadcast facilities
  • Hearing augmentation systems
  • Service and ongoing preventative maintenance – including rentals to replace equipment out for service


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