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Spectrum Change

Analogue TV signals in NSW ceased on December 1st 2013. Many radio microphones and in-ear monitors currently in use today will be affected in the near future because some of the frequencies at which they operate will be used by new mobile voice and data services. If your equipment operates within the range of 694 MHz and 820 MHz, you will be affected. In the future, radio mic and IEM frequencies will be ‘restacked’ by geographical location for equipment operating within the 520 MHz to 694 MHz range. This is to avoid an overlap with local digital TV channels.

How your equipment may be affected?

  • You may experience interference on your systems after the digital channel ‘restack’.
  • You may be in breach of legal requirements by using your current frequencies after 2014.
  • You will need to ensure you are using the correct frequency for your location.

Background: About the Analogue shutdown & Digital Dividend

  • As of 1st January 2015, a part of the UHF spectrum currently used for wireless microphone will be reserved for mobile voice and data applications.
  • No wireless Microphones or In Ear Monitor Systems will be able to legally operate between 694 MHz and 820 MHz. From this date, Wireless Microphones and In Ear Monitor Systems will need to operate between 520 MHz and 694 MHz.
  • This change is a legal requirement and systems that are not compliant will be illegal.
  • Digital TV stations will be ‘restacked’ into 4 blocks within the 520 MHz to 694 MHz spectrum. This area will be shared by wireless audio systems and digital TV channels which may lead to interference with your systems.


Problem: How this will affect your audio systems

  • You will need to select an audio product that will work within the 520 to 694 MHz range. Also as this range is shared you will also need to ensure that your system does not operate on the same frequency as the Free to Air digital TV channels that operate in your location. The digital TV frequency range will vary per city or area.
  • It is important to consider location even if your systems already operate within the 520-694 MHz band. In some instances they may not be compliant due to the shared Free to air digital TV frequency bands in that area. This may cause interference with your system.
  • The new allocation of Digital Free to air TV bands will cover 6 channels and each channel will occupy a block of 7MHz. So in total the allocated block will be 42MHz. It is important that the allocated frequency for your audio systems does not overlap with these blocks.
  • In terms of current Australian legal requirements for your Wireless Microphones and in Ear-Monitor systems, these currently operate under 22A of the Class Licence as a low interference Potential Device (LIPD). As part of this licence systems have restrictions such as power (maximum 100mw), maximum bandwidth (330KHz) and it is illegal to transmit on the same frequency as free to air digital TV channels within your area. It is expected that the new laws will include the new 520 to 694MHz range and make it illegal to transmit on the same frequency as Free to air TV channels.

Solution: How We Can Help

Detailed Assessment – The P.A. People can provide a detailed assessment of your current systems to determine which components will not meet the changed scenario for the digital dividend 2015 switch in your area. We will also determine what products need to change to ensure you meet all legal requirements.

Compliant Products – We can provide a comprehensive list of digital dividend compliant products that meet the new frequency requirements and ensure that you operate within the law.

Solution – The P.A. People can provide an end to end solution that matches available compliant products with your current systems. This will ensure all your audio components will work seamlessly together. We offer project planning, installation and a comprehensive stock of Radio Mic and In Ear Monitor products.

Contact The P.A. People for a comprehensive upgrade solution.

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This information refers to affected products within the 694 MHz to 820 MHz range. Products/images shown are for generic reference purposes only. We do not warrant the accuracy of information contained on external websites and/or web links referred to in this material.

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