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… Bankstown Sports Club serves up another attraction!

The Basement Brewhouse inside Bankstown Sports Club is now open! Featuring its own microbrewery serving a pilsner, sparkling ale, pale ale and American-style pale ale, 30 taps with a variety of craft beer and cider, and a tap wine selection for those looking for something a little sweeter, as well as a delicious burger menu and a gourmet delicatessen. 

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… The P.A. People provide iconic event communications!

Whether it’s operations and engineering support, two-way radio networks for event staff, video-walls for race-control officials, RF management, wired or wireless comms, on or off-field support personnel, CCTV monitoring, sports precinct or trackside audio systems - The P.A. People provide an integrated event communications solution! 

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St John’s has been in Darlinghurst since 1849, making it the first Christian presence in the area. The sandstone church has a unique design which The P.A. People Installed Systems team were careful to preserve with the recent installation of the new AV system.

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