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After shutting for renovations in 2011, southern Sydney’s Rockdale Town Hall re-opened with a gala concert late November 2013. The Rockdale Opera Company, who have called the Town Hall home since the late 1940s, graced the stage with long-time resident companies Rockdale Musical Society and the Regals Musical Society. The auditorium’s beautiful Art Deco detailing has been lovingly restored, and is now complemented sympathetically by a new PA and communications system from The P.A. People.

Preserving History

“Rockdale City Council is keen for the Town Hall to be available for a wide range of community groups, including the three musical societies that have been associated with it for much of its life. The newly re-opened building now has all of the modern features and services that are expected, and has retained its original 1940s architectural style.” Senior Events Officer at Rockdale City Council

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Since the 1990s, Sydney’s Darlinghurst Theatre Company have provided a forum for actors, writers and producers to express themselves on the professional stage. Proud champions of independent, sustainable theatre practice, they were chosen by the City of Sydney to be the managing company of the newly established Eternity Playhouse in Darlinghurst.

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The P.A. People design and install audio and video systems tailored to the needs of modern learning facilities. One such solution is NCH TimeChimes which The P.A. People have installed in hundreds of schools. NCH TimeChimes is a user friendly program that can be loaded onto an existing PC and then interfaced with the PA system. No more boring bells, you can load any wave file you need - even the school song!

Technical Capabilities

TimeChimes works using a list of times during the day when sounds will be played. Each day of the week can have its own list of times and sounds. You can also customise the timetable for a 2 week cycle, altering the schedule for each week.

The various features include:

  • Plays bells, chimes or any other sounds at pre-set times.
  • Can schedule times for automatic play on each day of the week.
  • Easy editing and update of schedules.
  • Includes 9 pre-recorded bell type sounds.
  • Supports other wav and mp3 formats if you wish to customise bell sounds.
  • Easy to use for day to day operations.

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