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The P.A. People is a finalist for the 2014 AVIAs -  Category: Best application of AV in a commercial or government installation with a budget exceeding $500,000.

Royal Randwick Racecourse - Grandstand PA + IPTV system.

When selecting speakers and amplifiers required for a project it is important to nail down the basics. What is the intended output level? What is expected with regard to coverage? What do you know about the venue the system will operate in?

These answers will guide you down one of 2 paths; constant voltage or low ohms system, as each system is focused to provide a different solution.

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Article Written by Jason Allen - CX Magazine August issue 2014
Anyone familiar with Adelaide knows what a huge aesthetic change the recently completed redevelopment of Adelaide Oval has been to the heart of the city. CX’s resident ex-Croweater Jason Allen dropped in on the old town to find out it’s not just the outside that’s been radically updated...

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